California Bulk Live Resin for sale

I have four strains of bulk live resin available for sale. We are 10x High Times Cannabis Cup winners for our concentrates. It’s fire. L2L only. California only!


Banana Watermelon 10,000 g available
Sled Dawg 7100 g
Chem Dawg 3618g
Tardis 2700g



Let’s try this again banana watermelon pic

Any chance you have cartridge ready oil?

Hey any for sale in the Lake Elsinore area

Thats some dark live resin


I thought people only smoked meth around there


Hey guys this post is old AF. Here’s some newer product 13 kg live resin CA L2L only

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Looking for live resin for use in carts. Any chance you’ve got that available?

Yes we have the best live resin fluid oil in California. Stable, won’t crash in carts. Pour it straight into a cart or pod. Full spectrum. Never separated, nothing added. It’s $17/ g and sells out every time we make it for the cheapies on here who talk about price without any regard for product quality. L2L only.

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