California Analytics Labs Infoshare: The Good and the Bad

Can we get a thread sharing our experiences with California testing labs? With the tight regulations that favor analytics labs it would be good if we could share info on which labs we trust and which we don’t.

Since the labs really don’t get audited and there’s no way for labs to be punished for subpar results, lets help each other out and stop giving business to bad labs.


Are labs ISO 17025 accredited? If they are, can’t you complain to whoever accredited them?

Yes but with no standard methodology for cannabis testing, it is pretty easy to get ISO accreditation for them. Even some of the worst labs in california have ISO accreditation and the ISO is useless when you try to complain. I tried once and pretty much just got my email shuffled around with no real response

Well the BCC actually does audit these labs so I’m not sure where you got that information from. I know this first hand as my go to lab was audited back in December causing a delay in COA’s being delivered. I have nothing but good things to say about the guys over at Belcosta Labs out of Long Beach. The one hiccup we had was handled very professionally and the batch was Re tested. When they where audited in December I received a call from the owner to excuse himself for the delay that they could not control. Other than that they are very professional and have a quick turn around.


I guess I meant they don’t get audited enough. Also there isn’t really any recourse for a lab when they issue undeniably incorrect test results (which I just saw in a thread here, inspiring this post)

I’ll start.

Anresco-they have no idea what they are doing when it comes to cannabinoid profile. Basic potencies are wildly off and and many tests often have false positives. But I trust their pesticide analysis.

Sequoia-pesticide scandal.

Steep Hill-good but sometimes lower potency than expected/when compared against other labs with same sample.

CW-my overall favorite. Most reliable results.

Cannalysis-typically tests high on cannabinoids %.


The one that rhymes with messy stabs is unreliable, at least for potency. Had a email discussion with them, totally fruitless, they had zero intention of correcting their problems, or even showing data to prove they indeed did all the replicate tests they claimed.
My friends had a big issue with them reporting total crap to BCC leading to massive headaches which “messy stabs” told my friends to sort out, instead of you know, owning their obvious mistake

Are you not saying the name to protect them? The purpose of the thread is to inform the rest of the community, Good or bad. Scared? :man_shrugging:


I have had good experiences with CW, Cannalysis, EVIO, and recently Cannasafe.

Cannasafe used to suck with horrible results (false negatives for pesticides, false positives for microbial, incorrect adding up of cannabinoid % for potency, fucking pesticides and cannabinoids mispelled on COAs…like c’mon) but it seems like they upped their game. i went to an event they held called the cannys and talked to some of their people and they have really improved. ive been very happy with their results lately but they can be a little slower than other labs

I have had bad experiences with SC labs (so slow and potency is always higher than other labs), pharmlabs (false negatives for pesticides), and coastal (didnt even test with them as they were rude as hell and i was put off)


In house testing first and foremost. From what I’ve seen…clients of testing labs tend to not get faulty answers or inflated prices, if the labs are aware their customers have their own in house testing.


Maybe we should consider a ranking system for labs (by state) on this site. As we all know, it’s fairly easy to find a “friendly” lab, but a “truth-index” of labs could promote adherence to higher standards. To vote would require some level of user verification by 4200 to dissuade competitors trying to knock each other out of the box.


Steep Hill is solid, maybe on the conservative side as @Ions71 noted. Will give CW a shot. Can you forward their URL please?

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