Caliber Labware Short Path Head designs? Cheap affordable chinese glass for us cheapies


Im putting together an affordable SPD head that will be very versatile. it will be a large bore system that is adaptable for small and large volumes coupled with variable efficiency & fraction separating abilities. anyways, im not sure if i plan to supply these myself after i outsource them to china or if i will just open up my design drawings for everyone to copy. really anyone could copy this setup now i suppose but i figured id post my thoughts and get opinions here… My markup will be very minimal to design, test and supply these glassware sets. the idea is to allow cheap investment for everyday growers and operators like myself to get into distilling their own stuff

SPD SETUP6.pdf (59.4 KB)


looks awesome…i personally would like my therowells removable. I could see the one in the BF cracking from a Rogue Stirbar.

Other than that…sign me up!


I may make different versions. my hope is to eliminate the number of joints in the glass for ultimate vacuum. its a give or take whether modularity vs possible ultimate vacuum numbers are more important. cheap glass from china has a tendency to have bad joints and produce sub par vacuum levels



I want one!


Group buy!!! Lol


It’s a little complicated for a Chinese head. We will see if they can even produce a working one first lol