Caffeine extraction centrifuge

Paid $40 for a Beckmann J2-21 refrigerated centrifuge…using it to extract caffeine :rofl:

If I had a spare 220 outlet I could use it to keep the creamer cold…


Hmmm I have some standing for years what’s the plan ?
Been looking at the damn ting forever
Not knowing what to do with it
To lazy to get it up and running (480kg)
Not a rogue lab friendly unit :joy:
So what’s your idea ?:grin:

Best I’ve got is “R&D” :shushing_face:

Fabricating and then destroying a rotor might be amusing…

Or just dissecting it for learning purposes.

Dissecting it :joy::joy::joy:
Is just a fast panda :joy:
I tried several things on a small fuge
But nothing really came out that makes sense :+1:

whoah you can call it g-force coffee. Is that the coffee shop you said you would go in with someone on?

When looking at fabricating a larger rotor for the Ace30 we had the computer advise us that things might get problematic above 2000rpm.

It would be nice to test the accuracy of said computer model. Or at least see if it can guess what happens when I turn this one up to 11 (thousand RPM).

Truth is I couldn’t bare to see the poor thing crushed, and it makes an ok coffee table :shushing_face: