CA Testing rules

Edit: sorry, links are to the full rules. not just the testing rules…but it’s really the testing that matters most to those extracting imo. your mileage may of course vary.

may not be required reading in your jurisdiction. seem like pretty standard fare. I’m sure there are things in there I’d be concerned about if I actually had to play by them.

If you’ve read/played by the CA rules before, this version might just be the changes & a faster read.

CA does deal with ethanol better than OR.

However, something caught my eye on page 105. Specifically the action levels for bifenthrin. It’s not the only one where the action level is higher in vaporizable products than other cannabis products, but it does stand out from the arbitrary 0.1ppm “standard” for other pesticides in like products.

looks like a financially based rather than consumer health focused decision to me. guess that shouldn’t be a surprise.

Edit: also surprised that one can fail for having more terpenes than the label lays claim to…but not for having less than the label claims. I think somebody missed the point…


Some interesting points:

California hates man powered vehicles…

It is accepting to have one peice of "mammal excrement " per 3 grams of material! (Dosent differentiate between a dog turd weighing 1/4 lb vs rat turd weighing grams.

No beastiality in the lab!.. huh?

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I assumed the skimpy costumes and lewd behaviour would probably self extinguish once the camera’s came online. Guess CA figures some of you lot for exhibitionists. :wink:


Hmm doesn’t seem to say anything about reptilian excrement… Guess I’m free to release the lizards.

Na but for real this is good stuff seeing as how(from what I know) a lot of California is operating in the gray market.

would lizards help with my white fly issue?

edit: I’m thinking these guys

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No, but your garden will look cooler. :sunglasses:

Topless donkey cannabis bars, with dog feces covered distillate when?

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