C1D1 speaker recommendations?

Has anyone found a speaker that is safe to use in their C1D1 lab? The guy who helped my team set up ours said that one of the other labs he had helped set up found one, but I didn’t get a brand name and my Google searching has not been too helpful. TIA for any solutions!

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Are you looking for an alarm/horn style speaker for alerting purposes, or a music speaker to jam to while working?

Now safety-sam would say: "You want to put a speaker in? Don’t. The area is hazardous. There are hazards there. Don’t get complacent, focus on what you’re doing. Rule # 1 in hydrocarbon extraction is don’t be on fire. Rule #2 is ‘if confused, refer to rule #1’ ". Now that all being said…well we all like a little thrash-core polka EDM folk-music to work to.

If you’re looking for a music style speaker, the easiest/cheapest/safest solution is to locate something outside the Haz-Area and just make it louder.
Next best option IMO is to do C1D1 Headsets, that provides hearing protection, the nice ones have active noise cancelling and allow you to communicate with each other while working, and is probably a cheaper option.

But if you really want a speaker system for your C1D1 area…you’re gonna have to do some searching and sacrifice audio quality or…get a little flexible on the rating for the area vs actual hazards.

How dangerous would a waterproof rated (I know it’s not C1D1 but it is fully sealed just not rated) speaker really be, if mounted on the highest point of your air supply soffit? Short of physically spraying it with butane, you’d probably be fine. The fire marshal probably wouldn’t be stoked, but that guy isn’t usually anyway. Throw a diversionary donut when he comes around and buy yourself enough time to move it.


Last time I checked, those headsets were >$3000 each. I’d love to have them but that’s a lot of $ when spread out over the whole team.

There are certain types of equipment that are considered to be safe to use in hazardous environments. One FM data sheet calls out a specific energy level that is considered too low to cause a spark.

If say your bluetooth earbuds were shown by the manufacturer to be well below that level, one might be able to get a competent code consultant to sign off on an opinion that they are safe to use in an environment with sufficient ventilation, LEL sensors, and other controls.

The simplest answer is “heckin big speaker outside the box.”


Sorry in advance for the Mom/OSHA vibes, but nope. Not this. An extraction technician working with hundreds of pounds of pressurized volatile gas is focused on the job and alert to any and all small noises that might be coming from the equipment. No music. No phones. No distraction.


Yep, which is why I gave the safe answer first. Then the “right” answer, which is (rated) active noise cancelling headsets that allow small noises to play, then the real answer which is figuring he’s going to do whatever the hell he wants anyway but might as well do it as safely as possible all things considered.


Appreciate the responses homies, I had little faith that there actually was a speaker we’d be able to use in the booth but couldn’t hurt to ask!

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just put a speaker right outside of the door

not like you need to be on the machine 100% of the time.

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Agreed and actually quiet amazing how well most of us get to run our units on sound alone vac pump valves fully open or not cold or warm solvent running treu the systems centrifuge ramp up s or braking chillers that humm
ICE formation visuals that trigger questions sounds that don t belong
My hearing is more often right than not
That something is off
And the worse are those moments when you think you hear something you check it all seems right you get back to the routine in doubt wondering if you are yust spooked and sometime later you realize it was not all right


Just play it on the same phone all you guys take pics on


You ever actually operated a hydrocarbon extraction system for a living?

I’ve been into DOZENS of facilities and they all had tunes bumping and 7000 other various distractions happening while successfully and safely preforming extractions.

In some places the recovery pumps were louder than any music so I’m gonna disagree that silence is required for safety.



Just because everyone is doing it, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.

That’s why passive recovery is great. If you do need to be in a booth with a loud recovery pump, you should check those decibels and protect your hearing accordingly.

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Lol I almost spit my drink out. Not to diminish safety at all, but that is funny. Try to take a non c1d1 rated cell phone in a industrial area (think refinery or chem facility) that is classified c1d1. For whatever reasons the extraction industry is overall lax on code related safety items.

I agree that loud music is not good if you run your system by ear, but it is not a code issue. Bringing a cell phone in a booth would be an established code no no. I get it safety is safety code or not. We have all got away with things that could have seriously hurt us or worse. Stay safe…


These co2 recovery pumps have made me deaf. My watch and iPhone give me noise alerts all the time. I may need to get some of them Bluetooth headphones from above like the gardeners wear.

If you don’t like phones in a C1D1 then you really won’t like my butane leak detector.

Guaranteed to work at least once!


For all kinds of random things I’d like to have in my room which are not rated for such a room I’ve always gone back to the tried and true Explosion Proof Enclosure.

You put your thing inside of it and it keeps the fumes away. Very similar to put it outside and listen to it inside.

I always love it when people have recommendations for safety.

I’m of the mind that if an employee wants something AND you don’t give it to them or at least make a solid attempt to do so - that they will do it anyway and create an unsafe situation.

So have music so they aren’t in their with bluetooth earbuds in underneath their beanie cause its fucking cold in there.

So have an explosive proof box for a cellphone/camera so they can take photos.

So have an explosive proof walkie-talkie so they can communicate with you without going in and out a lot (closed doors, safer doors…after all).

As much as you can do to make the environment safe and enjoyable. Including making sure they have enough chairs/stools/ladders/etc.

Cause we all know what kind of shenanigans will happen when you need to reach a thing you cannot reach. Just decide to no longer check that gasket or indicator cause it was hard to reach? Better believe it.

This reminds me of that time I was inspecting a sterile filling facility. My flight was delayed and I came in on 2nd shift instead of first shift. I arrive and get checked in - only to see on the security cameras that the 2nd shift staff has the air lock doors propped open, their sterile bunny suits hanging around their waists, and are currently engaged in a very vigorous game of soccer with what I later found out was a ball of autoclave paper and sterile tape for the isolator. x.X needless to say they created an unsafe environment for every patient consuming a product out of that room and it all had to be thrown away.

People do the craziest things. Helping them do the crazy thing as safely as possible is most best route. Promise. :smiley:

You might have better luck if you are looking up Class 1 Zone 1 stuff instead of C1D1 (old nomenclature…even though still relevant and we use it all the time! SEO is a bitch…)

You’ll probably also have to have a wired connection (think phone style) for the music to come from. The ones I’ve seen use the same paging system for pages, music, and shift change/break notifications. And I’ve seen them used in large petrochemical processing facilities - its not unusual to see them every 20 ft or so, so everyone can hear them. :slight_smile:


And the ever expensive bluetooth headset. Intrinsically Safe Headsets for Hazardous Areas | ecom instruments

Good luck with your adventure and please tell us what you decide to do.


If one were inclined, maybe you could install membranes in the wall and have the speaker on the outside, facing said membrane and sealed to it.

The membrane would then act as a speaker inside the c1d1 and the pressure between the speaker and membrane changed.

As long as it’s gas tight it would be compliant.


when i got my lobotomy they used pneumatic speakers linked to the other room= pink floyd.

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Problem might be maintaining your 2hr fire rating…guess you could put the damn thing in a box.

if I tie a glove filled with nitrogen around it, have I inerted my Bluetooth speaker sufficiently? How about if I double glove?!?


Pressurized pvc pipes long enough to have the speaker magnet coil well outside c1d2.

Let me finish this joint and we will Rube Goldberg this shit. Lmao.


I agree gotta be aware of everything and anything unusual as in noises like a pump going out, or whatever issue that comes up unexpectedly, soothing always does at some point, I had a helper for short period who couldn’t stay focused and stayed a helper cause of his lack of focus, no margin for error

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