C1D1 labs experience

Just had an interesting experience with Alex from C1D1 labs
. Where I paid a hefty consultation fee that only got me hung up on before I had a chance to ask any of the questions I needed answer. Had no problems with him. Just went to do my consultation call thinking it was all regular buisness. He answered the phone only to demand twice the money of the original consultation quote after I already paid it. I asked why and he hung up and has blocked my companys calls. We are considering compiling more evidence than just my story for possible legal proceedings…
Not trying to smear anyone’s reputation or make any direct accusations. *yet. As of course there are two sides to every story, no one is perfect and of course shit happens lol.
Hopefully people will cover there bases before spending 10k+ like I did :v:t4:


It didn’t happen to me but I would steer well clear of that company – you’re not alone in your experience


@Bruce_leeroy please reach out to us so we can either refund your money or complete your services. This doesn’t seem right, I want to make this right. I have never done that in the past and don’t intend to in the future. Hit my email C1D1LabsLLC@gmail.com or DM us. If you paid us, we would absolutely do the scope of work…if there is some sort of conflict of interest we would absolutely return your money. I look forward to fixing this for you.


Not the same experience for me Alex from c1d1 labs has been nothing but helpful I have ordered and installed two booths and both came fast and went up with ease. Judging by his response it sounds like it will be taken care of shortly hopefully y’all can come to an agreement and HASH things out :slight_smile:


Am I reading this correctly that you spent 10k for a phone call?

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@WolfeXtracts The 10,000 would be for the Easy Approval Package.

We have our architect and our engineers layout your equipment, extraction rooms, solvents, etc correctly then write a PE hazard analysis report on the facility. This removes liability from the Fire Department and places it on our engineers, streamlining your acceptance. In addition, it locks in the moving dominos of fire. When one is tipped over during MEP submission it can cost you a lot of money.

There may have been a misunderstanding here, however we aim to return any money this client has given us or complete the services as desired. We are not here to charge for phone calls.


After trying to get a hold of you for well over a week and the treatment I received from you… might be a little late bud I think I’ll let my team hash this out with you. Thanks though for finally responding when you get called out in public :pray:t4:


Glad you had a good experience with him though! Seems to be that way either he treats you well or like the bottom of the barrel. I’m getting alot of mixed reviews in and it’s starting to paint a picture.

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No but I didnt even get that :joy:

@Bruce_leeroy If you would like to sort this out please reach out to us. Not sure how I can help past that. Not here to cause “drama in public”, however this is the first I have heard we took any money without giving you our services… so all we can do is try to help. Please send a confirmation of your payment and we will take care of you

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Like I said youll likely be being contacted by my team.
I dont trust you to not just repeate the behavior again once not on a public forum. So were looking into our options to ensure good swift buisness for everyone.

And I’m sure it is, though the replies flooding into my dm’s tell a different story . Once again thanks for finally reaching back to me I do appriciate it.

@Bruce_leeroy here to help. Please send any concerns to C1D1LabsLLC@gmail.com

we own 2 of his booths and were happy with the service and product.


And Is that the best adress for my legal team to reach out to you on?

I have had no Issues with Alex @c1d1labs and his team through multiple builds with them. Great customer service and forthcoming with any info and help he and his team can provide.


Man talk about things that went wrong after we hired C1D1 Labs to build our entire lab from ground up. He basically sold me everything he had in his inventory. Most of the equipment I have from him has a serial # 001- 004 , basically telling you that I’m one of his companies that trusted him early in in his career. We basically spend close to a million dollars in ethanol extraction without making barely any crude out of it.

From C1D1 LABS Centrifuge, C1D1 LABS filter skid, C1D1 LABS dimpled tanks, YELLOW STONE FFE to C1D1 LABS reactor , nothing matched in outputs. Reactor chiller was 20 degree celsius(another consultant told me it needed to be in -20s) sold me a C1D1 LABS solvent blaster instead of a chiller.

We paid premium consultation, warranties etc. Centrifuge bearing started leaking because he didn’t put a pre packed bearing and he had me pay extra to fix that plus we had to ship it and bring the Centrifuge back. Yellowstone he sold us was set up for methane (the installer for yellowstone told me that, he said an 8k pump had to be changed to fix that)

There a lot more than what I listed, I knew there would be other people out there like me but we just haven’t had the chance to go back and confront him about all the unethical practices from his company.

Avoid this company at all levels and cost. There are plenty if good consultants out there that will do more than C1D1 LABS for the fraction of price. Text me and I will guide you to them. This is not an advertisement, just trying to help people because I know how it feels to spend million dollars and not get any return from it.

He knows who I am, just waiting to finish up a few thing and will look into if a possible class action lawsuit can be filed


@Sidco_Cat were you working with this outfit for a bit or am I mistaken? Between the 2 of us I think we’ve worked for everyone but co2 companies

I was with Alex in 2019. #everyonebutco2

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