C1D1 cameras

Does anyone have information or experience with C1D1 rated cameras? We need a camera for inside our extraction booth and therefor it needs to be C1D1 rated. Has anyone used a C1D1 rated camera or camera housing they like? We will be installing it into a HAL pre-fab booth.


iOS it possible to cut out a panel on the HAL and mount the camera on the outside and use a type of “sight glass” so it still keeps the room sealed but also allows for monitoring?


I don’t believe so. Or at minimum the camera would then need to be Class 1 Division 2 compliant. Any penetration to the HAL booth comes with a 3’ clearance space that needs to be C1D2 compliant.

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Look up Larson Electronics, they have C1D1 cameras. Your gonna need to cut a hole in your c1d1 booth and run the wires /flexible conduit (whatever local code requires) thru your booth.


Axis makes one. Can’t remember the model number, but they’re something like 8k each and made to order. It’s what we will be running in various areas of our facility.

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Thank you :pray:. I’ll check these

try these, https://www.larsonelectronics.com/product/150375/explosion-proof-security-camera-c1d1-c2d1-1080p-194º-fov-50-60-fps-wdr


That price is nice for the capabilities. Have you used this camera or other Larsen models?

I have C1D1 lights from them. Work great. I’m sure their cameras work great too. 1080p, 50/60 FPS is pretty clear.

In my experience C1D1 camera’s are not necessary, nor are c1d1/2 lights for that matter. Look at a paint booth, they have standard lights inside a sealed enclosure, with a pressure switch that interrupts power if the seal is broken. What makes a C1D1/2 camera or light “explosion proof” is that it’s fully sealed, so no gases can come in contact with electrical components. I have used the below C1D1 enclosures in two type 7 facilities and one type 6 facility. If I remember correctly they only have an 83 deg angle of view so you may need more cameras, but the enclosure plus a standard bullet cam is way cheaper than C1D1 cameras.

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Larson Electronics has been stated already, but I’ll go ahead and chime in and recommend them as well. I had good experiences with them setting up our last facility. The cameras we got were solid.

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Gonna check this. Thank you!

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We’re looking into C1D1 cameras as well, but hesitant because of the hole that has to be cut into the wall. Is there a standard way to seal these holes to maintain compliance? We’ve been stuck on that question for a while and can’t get a solid answer from our booth installation company on this issue.

Same way you insulate the rest of the holes made for the electrical.


for any of our wall penetrations we use a fire rated sealant and it passes our local codes.


Anyone know of a reasonably priced IR flood or similar for c1d1 environments? OLCC had the place I work at use a camera in a c1d1 enclosure and it’s messing with the IR output/picture, worried about the darkness of the video with the overhead light turned off when it comes time for final compliance checks


Every booth should have cameras to see what happens in the booth at all time. Many accidents can be investigated this way. Not just for the safety of your facility but piece of mind that your also not getting fucked around by shit technicians that show up to work high or get high at work all day & then loose functionality for proper lab etiquette. Egos aside safety is priority #1.

Nice find! Do you have an enclosure that would be useful for lights or an exit sign?

I’ve been wondering if there was a clear glass or similar material that I could cover things with to get the same effect but with the super cheap price point?

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Hey when I built C1D1 I just used a clear plastic (forget the specific type) and sealed it with silicone and used regular lights behind that. I have also installed prefab C1D1 rooms and they just used regular lights behind glass/plastic

I’m sure the same could be done for an exit sign. They’re a little expensive but I think there are also exit signs that use radio active isotopes instead of electricity.

Its been about 4 years since I was doing this sort of stuff so I dont remember the details very well.

Do some research, get creative, and talk to your fire Marshall, it really all comes down to what your local authorities want/will allow.

I’ve been trying to find out what type of plastic that is. My firemarshall hasn’t been real helpful here in terms of cheap ways to meet the standards.

I appreciate your tips on the camera’s, it will save my some cash

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