C1D1 Booth Technical Reports

Hey Team,

Had a question for you all with an issue I’m coming across with these 3rd Party Peer Review companies.

I own both a 150U HAL Booth and a 20’ CannaLab Innovation, both apparently had the technical reports done by PSI.

I spoke previously with PSI and they let me know they wouldn’t send me the reports personally but would send them to my engineering company. Ok that seems logical.

Now that I’m getting to that phase they’re telling me they won’t release the technical reports without a field inspection report @$4,400 each. I had both booths installed by the manufacturers. That being said, my AHJ isn’t asking for field reports but specifically just the technical reports, as they do their own inspection / tests on the booth.

To me it seems like 3rd party peer review company is charging me extra for something I paid for with the original booth. Thoughts? Anyone else deal with this?

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Use 3p certz. PSI is a scam and a horrid company to work with. In 2018/19 when we were setting up a lab in long beach they would come out for a mere 10k bill and then tell us we were not passing their standards but wouldnt even say what areas were issues. Then everytime we would need them to come back they wanted another 10k. It was horrible. Since we moved to 3p stuff has been super smooth and they are very helpful.


Agreed. I have enjoyed talking with 3PC over PSI. Although PRV has been a very affordable option with good customer service as well. PSI is just cash grabbing me on this technical report because HAL went OOB, which seems like such bullshit.


I’ve had such issues with this. And they put fucking expiration dates on their reports as well - which can be a real pain in the ass, since then you are on the hook for them coming out AGAIN to look at things AGAIN - and paying for that service AGAIN.

I’m all for engineers making their money. But you should 100% be checking with the supplier of your equipment. Did it say it came with your technical reports and what not when you bought it? If so - the manufacturer is probably on the hook for paying (I’ve had this be the case a couple of times, so I didn’t end up paying and now I ASK THIS QUESTION when I go through the quote/invoice process to make sure that I’m not on the hook for more bullshit to get their system licensed in my state).

Also - the manufacturer probably already has the technical report - they could send it to you since they paid to have it written/developed. So ask them why they are not.

And you can have just about any third party come and do the review. Its always possible that the “new guy” will find an issue. But if you have a rated piece of equipment - and its already been through the process and filed with the different government agencies, you can always do a FOIA request for that information as well.

You are not the only one with these systems. If you wanted something that was UL listed or something similar - then everything comes with the report from UL. You don’t pay more for it, its public record. So you can check that as well…

The 150U HAL Booth clearly has the technical reports - these are publicly available from UL. For some reason they are no longer listed… perhaps HAL stopped maintaining its UL credentials. But they still have the UL standard for booths like this - and there are other suppliers of booths that are still maintaining these credentials. You can reach out to UL about them if you want. They have been supremely helpful to me in the past - they maintain some serious records there and you can probably get the technical reports from them, if needed.

Sucks when companies go OOB… if you have an engineer friend, you can probably also pay them. They just need to be licensed in your state to do this work. They may or may not do this work for you for cheaper. <3


Perhaps they have experienced what can happen once you walk away from an install…

not one you’re now in charge of, but I’m pretty sure you understand the concept.


This is what they do.

I’ve prepared several engineering reports (I’m an engineer, but not a licensed PE) that were reviewed and signed off by PEs. They charged 2-3x what I charged my clients.

My recommendation is to pay for it and move on.


Sure. In no other industry is this done. This is prohibitionist and cannabis stigma bullshit. Just like requiring everything to be third party bullshit everywhere.

Never before did I have to have another engineer come in and check all my stuff. Never. And I’ve build dozens of pharma facilities with just as bad if not worse hazards.

Its fucking insane what this industry has allowed money grabbing greedy bastards to do. From third party testing as a requirement (should be an option not a requirement) to weird requirements on everything needing to be third party.

I cannot even have my licensed on staff HVAC guy do anything without having to have a third party fucking HVAC guy come out and verify that his work was legit.

And we act like the “third parties” aren’t fucking people over, lying about things to make money, or literally committing fraud every day. I don’t know about the engineering companies - but for sure the testing labs. We’ve all seen it.

And all because we said they were the gatekeepers. To keep a gate that isn’t needed. And isn’t required in any other industry. Even opiates are tested fucking in-house.

I hate it. Obviously. I try hard to understand where people are coming from, but the requirements do not make any sense. And due to the stigma the normal methods for getting things approved/done do not work at all. First because no one wanted to work with us. And now because the people that do have cannabis taxed us to death - to line their own pockets at the expense of an industry that should be saving lives instead of slowly dying.

-end rant- <3