By sprayed material

Has anyone ever had an issue with material that was heavily sprayed for spider mites ect? Just finished up a run that will not get the butane out no matter what. I figured it could just be pull and snap but when tested with a lighter on a piece it sizzles and sparks so I won’t even bother getting it tester in the lab.
This is also 6.5 full days in the oven and it almost looks like theres a sheen on the top of the slabs here and there.
It is what is it but I thought I’d ask if anyone had come across this? I do no the material was sprayed quite a bit with a bug deterant, post spray obviously but the guys came clean. Just wondering if that could even be it. Cheers fellas.

The slabs even have holes everywhere and would generally look done but nope, not even close. Super strange thought it could be an interesting topic.

Whatever was sprayed onto the plants you’ve now concentrated. Ethically Id say toss it, no point in making someone sick and giving the industry a bad rap.
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Oh for sure it’s getting tossed. It’s out of straight curiosity if I can get it to harden up now and if I cant, why not. I’m just letting her go through till Monday when I have got a Coma run to do.
Thanks for the info I figured something was wrong with it, when I heard it was sprayed with bug deterant I wrote it off right away, just wanted to hear if others had experiences with it not hardening from added plant chems and what to look out for.

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And ya u wont be taking their material again lol

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