Bvv now stocking b80 for you b80 fiends out there


Everyone can’t find t41 but they got it :man_shrugging:t3:

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Nice. Just ordered some T5 from them. Carbon Chem makes ordering a horrendous pain in the ass, so glad to see more options from BVV.


I got the cheapest carbon chemistry products in the country. Lol. Ordering is pretty simple


Dm the price list of you really got the cheapest & always avaliable I’ll have them flying off your shelf


Ebay has it cheaper


My price list is onnmy website

If you need bulk pricing hit my dm.


This man is the best source for filtration powders IMO he went out of his way to get a 10KG!! order out over night so I would have it the next day at the best price he could do for shipping. I would like to think about where my money is going too best value is cool all the shops are cool but killa is a real dude running a legit small shop and I rather my money go in his pocket so he can buy his bike parts and beer. My 2 cents


As long as he can supply I’ll keep the demand going that’s not a problem id rather support small businesses than corps who don’t show customer service let alone gratitude of inquiries & have nothin but love for the community


i really dont know ANY company that is actually keeping as much stock on hand as me. Big or small. I typically keep anywhere from 1-2 metric tons of absorbents in stock at all time because i sell a massive amount of bulk absorbents.

I sell a lot of 1-5kg bags as well. But when some of your customers are ordering 150-300kg of absorbents at a time. You better believe i keep enough to fulfill them orders. These are the orders that allow me to keep my prices so low.

Right now most of the country is outta stock on T41. There was a problem and maybe they will chime in and explain(i do know but on rocky ground with them already) but everyone should be back in stock of T41 soon. Everything else i have in abundance of.

And thank for the kind words @Intergalactic. You not the first person here to have an emergency and ask me to overnight a large box of absorbents. It happens more often than id like it to. Usually, if a person is needing a large amount of powders overnighted. I know they are in a serious perdicament and usually go out of my way to help in the best manner i can. I know overnight shipping a box of these absorbents is insane, and if a person is willing to pay those charges then i know its pretty serious. @Intergalactic order yesterday was paid for and shipped within a 45 min window before the fedex distribution center closed last night at 7pm, during dinner time. Just to show you how i value my customers. He will have it today!

Im not some big company. Just an extractor just like most of you. Trying to raise a teenager, and supporting my family. I dont drink, i dont do drugs. I dont live some extravagant lifesytle. i live a normal middle class lifestyle trying to do this all the legal way rather go to jail still doing it the illegal way. that its. I dont want to be big like BVV or any of the other companies. Happy just running a small boutique extractor shop here in paradise.

If it wasnt for the community here. the majority would have never heard of me. Some have found me on ebay and know be that way but the majority are from here at f4200 and im thankful for the support everyday as im fulfilling my dreams of a legal cannabis business so in turn im trying to do everything in my power to insure you get to follow your dreams.

have a wonderful and blessed day!

PS…i dont consider weed and concentrates drugs…which i smoke more then a good percentage of the population…:joy::rofl::man_facepalming:


We had to overnight 150 Ibs the other day, and customer paid for it gladly. It was the biggest shipping bill I’ve seen for consumables.

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