Buying N-Pentane


Looking to get some pentane from a brick-n-mortar store so ran across welding supply… any ideas on common uses/reasons of using pentane… I’m in a legal state (Rec and Med) so don’t think would be too big of deal but just wanted to have a second plan on if asked … any helps appreciated :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


Why not just buy it online?
Edit: tell them you need to thin an adhesive


In a pinch… orrr usually would… grownshop usually carries as well but someone scooped the rest and was too late in the day to get order in for this weeks shipment…(9AM)


Your local grow shop stocks pentane? Man my city blows.

Edit: This whole state blows :pensive:


not sure where you are but it sounds like a potentially good opportunity to be the distributor :sweat_smile:


just say your using it to de-grease metal.


that will get you the high quality stuff right?


no promises, I wouldent suspect a welding supply to carry any thing pure other than gasses.
Thats just an excuse for purchasing a solvent.


Got ahold of a local hydrocarbon/solvent company out of city not too far away… should hopefully have some next week… thanks on the tip tho @Soxhlet … Appreciate ya!:call_me_hand:t2: