Buying chillers,pumps,misc SS parts,other

Post has been updated since a few items have been purchased. As the titles suggests we are looking for quite a bit to finish a few projects and start on some new ones. Located near Albany OR can pickup from surrounding states if need would rather not pay this exorbitant gas surcharge on shipping right now when we could just travel a bit.
Chillers can be broken if housing is not damaged Bonus if you know what needs to be replaced<3
4-chillers -20 ,10-50L
3-chillers -50 ,20-50L
3-chillers -60 ,50-100L
4-chillers -80 ,50-200L
SS spooling 1.5-12" standard wall or jacketed. mainly needing 2",3 and 4" roughly 800’ total
SS Tri clamp adapters,clamps ect, NO SS braided hoses
2-vessels 200gallon+ SS “does not need tri clamp ferrules as most likely we will need to reposition and weld new ones . a bulkhead opening would be nice.”
6-vacuum ovens 0.9-3.2cf "working or broken .
1-Stainless Steel Screw Conveyor auger with or without hopper.
2- 2-10yard trash compactor.
2-3000gallon jacketed SS vessels
1-1000gallon mixing SS vessels
1-heat exchangers 40m BTU capacity
2-heat exchangers 100m BTU capacity
Post picture with asking price here or in private messages. "depending on the size/weight of an item a rigging service can be provided for pickup. Thankyou for looking.