Buyer won't touch Isolate made using butane.



Just wanted to throw this one out there and see if anyone else has seen this in the industry. One of our investors was speaking to a potentially customer yesterday that said under no circumstances will they buy CBD isolate that was made using butane extraction and that they only bought isolate made with CO2 extraction. The potential customer said “Isolate made with butane smells different”. The investor having this conversation is not educated at all in regards to anything extraction so I immediately got a call and tried to explain the situation to him. Correct me if I am wrong but isolate is isolate regardless of the initial extraction method right? Has anyone else seen this in the industry? Is this just a lack of knowledge issue?


Butane is nasty and the buyer has every right to exclude it from their products. Isolate is pretty useless too IMO.


Regardless off the method used to extract if done correctly iso is iso smell shld usually always be the same. Theirs quite a few steps involved afterwards so npt like the tane really makes a diff in the end product im sitting here smelling iso ran from tane ethanol c02 not 1 difference


Not here to argue whether isolate is useless or not. I’m definitely a fan of full spectrum extracts but current state laws require us to produce isolate. In the final product there is no residual butane at all. The buyer absolutely has every right to be selective when buying I am just trying to determine what the basis is for it. Is it just because he just doesn’t like butane? Or is there an actual chemical difference in an isolate produced using CO2 vs Ethanol vs Butane?


I am in the same boat as you. Put isolate produces using butane, ethanol, and CO2 infront of me and I will not be able to tell the difference.


If their is still residuals of butane in isolate something os way wrong most use pentane to get the crystals then go from that


could just be uneducated, I know around my area lots of people have a bad view of butane because its a lighter fluid and they don’t understand anything else. I saw one dude who was so against butane buy some BHO that was labeled as CO2 extracted and was raving about how it was the best he ever dabbed, meanwhile I know the guy who made it and he definitely used butane lol. I offered him a dab of my BHO and he declined and said he only dabs CO2 :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


Well it all comes down to how isolated your isolate is… if that makes sense.
So if at the end product you will get 99%+ than that means the only substance in the product is the canabinoid selected, there is simply no “room” for other stuff to be present.
So it doesnt matter what was the selected solvent used for the extraction process, it only matters how much of it is left in the end product.
If you used butane and got 99% of a canabinoid at the end product than it wont taste like nothing, it wont have terpenes or flavanoids or any other stuff which isnt a canabinoid, it will most likely be ND substance.
You stated you had 0 butane in the product than your buyer is just misled by other people and he takes their opinion.


sounds like your buyer is misinformed.
does he know most cbd isolate uses pentane for crystallization??


We can’t use hydrocarbons at all in my state because the person in charge of the medical program doesn’t like them. Makes our job a bit harder, but to get someone enough information for them to understand their ignorance, takes a bit of time.