Buy Hemp Biomass For Sale In Oregon From Oregon CBD Extracts in Aurora Oregon

My name is Joe Sko, I co-own and operate Oregon CBD Extracts with our CBD hemp preroll joint brand CBDoobiedoo.

Think of Scooby Doo the cartoon and you’ll know how to pronounce it.

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This is our GAMBLER 500 video of my partner and I, Jerry Bowman giving out HUNDREDS of CBDoobiedoo hemp prerolled joints and Beef Jerky from

Oregon CBD Extracts is also a CBD hemp biomass extraction facility located in Aurora Oregon. Our 12,000 SF CBD Hemp extraction facility is scheduled to be built with all the extraction equipment installed by January 2020. We currently have two 6,000 sf buildings (12,000 SF / 200,000 cu ft.) set up for hemp hang drying with an engineered air flow system that is expected to dry this years hemp harvest in less than 3 days. Our post harvest hemp services not only include hang drying hemp for a natural drying process we also include shucking or flowering, grinding/milling and marketing your harvest to the highest hemp biomass buyer. If you are an Oregon Hemp Farmer in the Willamette Valley call and schedule your spot today at 503-592-0222

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