Buy carts, get free of charge oil filling machine

Breaking news for hemp industry! This is real game changer!
Full Ceramic cartridge, upside down filling ,No need capping, equipped with revolutionary oil filling machine, pure flavor, Heavy metal free, save lots of time and labor cost, which will make money easier for customers, are you interested to test this cartridge and machine?

Shenzhen Boshang Technology Co., Ltd
Whatsapp/wechat:+86 136 8689 6718

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free heavey metal


Heavy metal free :joy:

I will take 1 cart and a free machine plz


Done! :sweat_smile:

So are you actually offering a free of charge “oil filling machine” (aka trash can with moving syringe)?

Why would you go through the trouble of making an animated video of your machine working if the machine actually worked? :man_facepalming:


Why would that one guy from YouTube that figured out the blue tek makes videos, Familiarization sells


what’s the minimum cart order, or is it some kind of subscription?

Here is the actual working videos of our oil filling machine

Could you show us the youtube links?

What oil did you use? Looks like you filled with water.

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We have two options, could you add my whatsapp:+86 136 8689 6718? we can discuss more details on whatsapp.

Clear it with water and fill with testing oil, we can show our customer actual filling videos, could you add my whatsapp:+86 136 8689 6718

I can’t find the thread

I think it was from “ WKUCONSULTING”

Thank you. I found the videos, he is a genius.

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