Butane cls guide

Can someone point me to a guide?

Here you go


Thanks man appreciate it.

I really need something with more technical details about the actual extraction process



It puts the cannabis in the tube,
And then connects to hose again.

It flows the solvent through the tube.

Which details do you find the skunkpharm write-up to be lacking?

Have you considered taking a class?


I learned how to do this by reading. I had open blasting experience from 15 years ago. Due to my day job trade, the technical nature of it,coupled with the required thoughtfulness in planning and operation, i was able to successfully run a CLS alone without guidance. I don’t believe everyone should do that…some people should probably take a class, volunteer at a lab somehow, or get a job packing tubes. All of the info is here, or at skunkpharm. You need to find it, piece by piece, and put together the puzzle. You have a vague idea of what this puzzle looks like…seek the pieces…or find someone to train/teach you.


Just go into your tool box. :spoon:



Knew I should have put that thing away where I could find it…


There are actually no details about the extraction process itself, The article goes from material preparation to purging with a statement about open blasting and how they don’t recommend it.
I would like details about how the dewaxing is performed. I have seen descriptions on the web of a shroud around the main column with material in it to put dry ice and ethanol in. I have also seen info about a second column for dewaxing. What is the preferred method? how is the filter fitted? Does it clog up, how to deal with that? Is using a dewaxing column effective?

Also do I need a recovery pump? I have seen differing information, some using a recovery pump some using heat and cold to move the solvent into the recovery tank.
do you circulate the solvent through the column via the recovery pump ? If so how long? If not how long to let the solvent sit in the column?

This is the kind of info I am looking for

there are many ways to skin a cat. Some use pumps, some go passive. If you’re just figuring out the process now, you’re probably better off starting with a passive setup and learning/observing the thermodynamics involved. From there you can decide to go active, or stay passive as once dialed in, passive can be as good, if not better than active.

The search here is your best friend. You’ll find more info than you’ll ever be able to comprehend there. Try this as a start, it should take most of the day to thoroughly research the information in there. Search results for 'passive category:9' - Future4200

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