Butane Bucket teck

Ok so Any body ever tried to design a butane solvent Bucket teck ?
I know You won t get iT legal so easy
But man i really think working in a coldcell
That is spark proof can get this gooing and speed up the proces
I am serious in case You wonder !:rofl:


Pressure pot tek!!!


Well If all is kept Cryo the pressure is not there !
There has got to be a way these tubes and collection pots can drive me mad :persevere::triumph:


Maintaining subzero temps is more expensive than buying a pressure pot. After dewax there isn’t really much need for cold and there are some really big pressure vessels that can be had for relatively cheap

I was wondering if lenticular filters could be applied to cls

yeah, one of these is pretty much bucket tek!


Treu but the 1000 pound a day mark is a 1000 Miles away with tubes and pots
And with 4 panda’s and My minions i can cover that with etho on Any given sunday



Damn thats an extractor i worked with years back hell No titan iT was called back then

How many minions ya got? https://goo.gl/images/97x92e

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A shitload at 11 dollars a day and that is dubble pay of there usual wages :grinning:


Something like this Could work :rofl:1100 gallon pressure vessel - #3 by Bluewaffle
Funnyiest tread of 2018


Damn…even chinese factory workers make more than @Roguelab minions. If i had employees at $11 a day, id be even more of a lazy SOB than i am now. That put a nice smile first thing in the AM here.


I’d be taking those risks too if I could get away with paying people that much :joy::joy::joy:


Ran passive thru cls. Then I burped my collection tank at the end into a 2 liter mason jar that was filled 1/4 with dry ice. This passively condensed all gas into my jar really fast. So then I decided I would use the butane and dry ice (carbonic acid?) mixture to extract about 2 of of trim. Came out so clear it was insane at first. Then I had to filter out particles using a coffee filter and mason jar ring. Make sure you don’t tilt the jar past 45 degree angle or the solution will blow out of the coffee filter from pressure

I’ll post a pic later