Business closing - equipment and supplies for sale

Kentucky lab closing - see attached spreadsheet of our used items. Pickup preferred. all items are in working condition with no warranty. 22L ecochyll x5, lab society 20L SPD, AI 1.9 Vacuum oven and more. All prices are negotiable contact/text Mark @ (270)300-1701.

SpectraLeaf Items for sale.xlsx (11.9 KB)


EcoChyll x5

Asking $30,000

Across international 1.9 cf vacuum oven - asking $1,700

Lab society 20L SPD asking $12,000

Polyscience tabletop heater for condenser asking $1,800

Edward’s vacuum pump asking $2,200
X tractor depot vacuum pump asking $150

Polyscience coldfinger 3” coil asking $2,000

Question? Did you like running the Ecochyll X5 with 22L globe? We have a X7 (has 2 columns instead of just one) and same 22L globe We don’t have the correct wiring anymore to get them back up and running. Someone broke the original glass top years ago and switched to a 50L rotovap instead. Is is faster than a rotovap? Great company to work with so far with excellent customer service. Hope you can sell everything quickly! Sorry to hear your lab is closing.