Bulk parchment or ptfe sheets?

Where can we find rolls or sheets of parchment comparable to the ol’ Reynolds? (I know, I know, silicon and terps don’t play well) We have had poor luck finding bulk.

Same goes for ptfe sheets. We have ordered 2 varieties but they’re usually wavey or too thin.

Who prefers ptfe over parchment or vise-versa, and for what consistencies (ie live resin vs shatter) Ive found non nucleated live doesn’t react with the parchment, but always been curious about ptfe since it is reusable.


2dayShip Premium Quilon Parchmet Paper Baking Sheets, Pan liner, White, 12 X 16, 200 Count Amazon.com

200 Precut sheets for $14

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Have you have purchased and used these? The reviews say too thin, poorly packaged ect. I’ve been through a few boxes with the same problems already…

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sub’d looking for the same thing

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I bought some from amazon before, they were high quality, delivered in a hard paper envelope to keep them flat. The PTFE sheets I tried were kind of annoying to work with since any hair or dust clings to it. They can still tear or fold too. Depending on how many sheets you’re actually going through, check suppliers of bulk.

There is option of, silicone or quilon which apparently is mostly comprised of isopropyl alcohol so probably should not be used?

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Oh I’ll take a 20 minute lunch break!
90 minutes later…I’m a historian on parchment paper. Internet is a weird place man


Doesn’t react my butt :wink::wink::wink::wink:

Ur calling turning it clear not reacting? My terps always turn parchment…i quit storing terpy mixes In it for that reason…

Ptfe for anything long term

Packages going out ,parchment…by then it’s usually not very wet


I only store terpless slabs on parchment. Live goes into jars…

I was more talking about parchment vs. ptfe for oven processes. I usually have the live on parchment for 4-5 days in the oven, then to jars for storage. It doesn’t seem to sugar up or separate until it’s stored in jars for a bit from my experiences.

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I like this PTFE. Terp Proof — BHOGART

Nice and thick. Oven sheets look awesome.

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This is Trey with Black Label Paper.
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Don’t you already have a thread here? :wink:


I am still getting used to this whole thing. but thanks for pointing that out. bit of a shitshow ill admit.