Bulk Isolate and THC Free CBD Distillate available

If you need Isolate or Distillate I can ship out same day that payment is received.


He’s actually the only level 3 verified hemp slanger…

steelrollin, PM to future to get your tag updated.

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Just noticed that - I look for the tag on the name, didn’t see one and assumed. I unflagged it and removed my post.


sounds good will do

You might be able to do it through your own user profile, though maybe there isn’t one set up for level 3 folks yet.

Something strange is going on, I probably botched the creation of the level 3 category somehow. @sidco pinging you for help, @steelrollin has the level 3 tag but it’s not showing up under his name

looks like you got it. needed to be set to the main group for the user.

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Hey, I was just wondering if you ship to the UK?
Edit: I’m only talking about THC free distillate!

I ship our THC free distillate to the UK all the time :slight_smile:

could you post or send me COAs for the broad spectrum? Thank you!

sure I just need your email address.

email has been sent

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kilos of Isolate are going for a good deal right now if anyone is interested shoot me a dm.

Do you ship to Canada?

Also can you send me price list.

I’ll gladly ship to Canada but I can’t guarantee it’ll get through customs.


Can you DM me prices on thc-free disty kilos? Also is it crystal resistant (oil)? Thanks!

Hey can you send me your email? Would be in regards to your pricing on bulk and shipping within the states.