Bulk Hemp CBD crude and distillate wanted

Hey all! New to the forum here!!

I am a manufacturer located in CA looking for additional sources of hemp-derived CBD from distillate and crude. 1-2kg/mo and looking for spot buys. We sell to regional grocery chains, independent co-ops, and other accounts with hardcore buyers who ask a lot of questions so we will need documentation to verify compliance. Organically grown preferred. Please contact me if you are a source.


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We can provide the distillation system equipment.
Please contact me jason.cao@yuanhuai.com if you are interested in.

cbd sales need to be verifyed, sellers who aren’t verifyed are not allowed to advertize.

Where do we find the verified sellers?


We offer organic pesticide free CBD isolates, distillates, oils, bio mass, crude grown at our award winning sustainable farm in Oregon from seed to finish with state of the art extraction in-house. Looking for a few more contracts. You’re welcome to tour our facilities which also includes our drying mill. We operate out of Oregon and also have a office in Los Angeles. Please call Matt 310 486-0345

contact @future or @sidco. Slangers, Read this BEFORE Posting Hemp Products for Sale - Verified / Verification Post