Bulk Delta 8 Gummies - 25mg

Hi Future4200 Community

I have Delta 8 gummies available in Bulk. 25-30mg Delta 8 per gummy, with minors CBN and CBC.
$0.95/gummy MOQ 1000. DM if you’re interested.

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I’m interested. Please email @ bwp@cannablisscbdstore.com

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Will do!

I may be interested in them for packaging as our own store brand. Could you email me also please ? Amywazwaz06@gmail.com

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No problem. I’ll email you COA and additional info. Thanks

We can sell these at half the price :slight_smile:
Sorry to rob your thread just was suprised at the gouge!

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I mean, you acknowledged it & all, but…



hello I am interested send me exactly what you have thank you