Bulk CBD contract inquiry

Working with a group looking for 500kg a month for a 12-month period. If available, they are looking to do a much larger single order as well. This group is professional and ready with funds - trying to gather as many leads and bids as I can.


Also — same group looking for a one-time 10,000kg buy.

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I can fill this order. $5200 a kilo and possibly lower.

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500kg a month of what? Crude, Distillate, or Isolate? We can do way lower thank 5k a kilogram on crude

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Also have another group looking for 200kg spot-buy. Still looking for a 500kg per month to the EU.

Still looking for the 10,000kg single spot buy.

Let’s be real, everyone needs to make something here. Preferrably a direct connection to a lab and everyone being okay with a very modest brokerage. People want clients, clients want product, all the cloak-and-dagger shit in the CBD game is insane. Handing out POF and LOI’s without NDA’s is madness and the amount of dudes I see shopping peoples POF’s around is even more insane.

I understand 10,000kg is lofty and not a lot of people have that much biomass hanging around, let alone just happening to have 10,000kg of isolate on the floor. I also understand that 500kg per month is not a super large contract, but there’s got to be a middle-ground out here. I’ve had people try to say that they aren’t comfortable with escrow, but expect to be taken seriously! The balls on some of these cats…

Anyone got any insight here? Honestly asking just for the sake of starting a conversation.


I can take care of your needs.



My god I do not miss brokering. Starting my own lab was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Sorry, I know this is off-topic. I just remember the days of chasing 1000kg, 3000kg, 5000kg, 40,000kg/month “contracts.”

Edit: I think the acronym I’m looking for is “PTSD”



please call me at 7048773511 i can get you anything you need at the best price.

Idk what your selling for $5,200 a kilo. I would like to know i hope its not distillate cause that is high especially for 500 kilos

This thread is over a year old.

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big facts my bad