BULK CBD, CBG, CBN, Biomass, Crude Oil Distillate for sale

I have multiple facilities looking for contracts and spot buys.

Lets me know if I can help!




Do you still have facilities looking for Crude CBD Oil?

Not at the moment I dont. But if you will email me your contact info and what prodcuts you have, I will save your contact for the future.

Thanks, Reed


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@CBGisolate I’m interested

We are in need of Bulk Industrial Hemp Biomass. We will be able to process 2000 lb per day. Thanks

What state you need it in ?

I need contract and spot for THC free CBD oil

looking for bulk CBN. Purchasing a few kg per month. Do you have anything available with COA?

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Hey there -I am very interested in CBN isolate. What kind of products do you have? How do I get in touch?

you can just shoot me an email. Chad@hempicated.com

I have CBN Isolate $55k a kilo.


Looking for crude. Lets set up a time to chat.

I have biomass, crude, cbg isolate available. Let me know if you would like to discuss further.

What percentage?

What’s with unverified spamming, why not just get verified and not try to float under the radar


New to the site. Already filled out info. awaiting verification. Not trying to float under any radar. I believe you’re highly mistaken.

Best Regards.

Good luck getting verified then and please understand that there’s a certain scammer type that is always spamming and thus the verification process. Glad to hear your on your way to verification

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do you still have biomass and crude I need as much as they can have on the ground and we will keep them busy for us only on a 2 year to 5 year contract. I f you have the best low prices cool let me know. I can close tomorrow

Good for you! Crushing with the CBN isolate as a VERIFIED Slanger that’s what I’m talking about💪

Looking for thc distillate m.