BULK CBD, CBG, CBN, Biomass, Crude Oil Distillate for sale

I have multiple facilities looking for contracts and spot buys.

Lets me know if I can help!




Do you still have facilities looking for Crude CBD Oil?

Not at the moment I dont. But if you will email me your contact info and what prodcuts you have, I will save your contact for the future.

Thanks, Reed


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@CBGisolate Iā€™m interested

We are in need of Bulk Industrial Hemp Biomass. We will be able to process 2000 lb per day. Thanks

What state you need it in ?

I need contract and spot for THC free CBD oil

looking for bulk CBN. Purchasing a few kg per month. Do you have anything available with COA?

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Hey there -I am very interested in CBN isolate. What kind of products do you have? How do I get in touch?

you can just shoot me an email. Chad@hempicated.com

Have 80kg a month t-free lots open. In December 120kg a day lots open. As well we do toll processing and all pist processing. Contact me directly. Kliffton@c2xlabs.com or cell 720-391-5145. Websites c2xlabs.com

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CBN isolate and tolls CBN oils into CBN isolate. CBN isolate is $65k per kg and $40k per 1/2kg of 99% isolate. I would be very interested if you have any clients that would need CBN or need there high CBN oil purified into isolate.

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