Building a feed system for wiped film - do you degas?

I’ve got a 4" Pope with the factory feed flask, which of course doesn’t work very well for our purposes. I’ve picked up a Masterflex peristaltic pump and a cone-bottomed stainless tank, and my plan is to make a Beaker-n-Wrench style feed system (cuz I can’t afford an actual B&W system, as awesome as they appear to be).

My question is what to do with the de-gassing step that is part of Pope’s SOP. They have a little vacuum circuit that draws down the crude, and the recommend doing this for half an hour before beginning distillation. We’ll be feeding de-carbed, winterized crude - is this even necessary, or can I skip it? If it’s necessary, would simply pulling a vacuum on the stainless tank do the trick?

Thanks. Any other ideas you might have for this project are also very welcome.


Even though most of the volitiles are removed from the feed, you will still need to de-gas the feed stock. If you don’t you will have bubbles/ foam in the feed.


What will accomplish that in my new system? A vacuum loop of some sort like the Pope, or is there a better way?

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you can make a loop like the pope, or use a dedicated pump for the process. There is not too much more to that.