Budget Vacuum tubing source

I’m pretty cheap and I know this is a pretty weak question to ask in a forum filled with skilled extractors but want to use the right tools for the job. Where can I get about 10-15 feet each of proper 8mm 10mm ID vacuum hose for etoh buchner filtration and vac etoh recovery distillation? What tubing will not collapse under a vacuum? Must I go with the 6 to 10 dollar per foot reinforced Tygon or nalgene?

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Vinyl braided home depot


does that stuff work on 3/8 ID stuff? i was reading up on this article

So there are a couple of basic choices for vacuum tubing or hose: PU and PVC reinforced with wire. I stress that wire-reinforced PVC is NOT the same as braided PVC hose, as shown in Fig. 5. This will collapse at virtually any vacuum level—a common initial mistake made in choosing larger-diameter vacuum hose.



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Use standard 3/8 vacuum silicone hose, it’s easier on joints compared to the braided one.

Edit: you must go with the higher quality tygon ones or similar. Mine were another brand. But yeah, the 1/2 black vacuum ones i got were not thick enough and get kinked all time. It sucks. Get good hose.


For 3/8": Filtration (like you see here) you are fine with a lower rated vac hose such as this guy. Most hoses are measured in PSI so how that equates to vacuum :man_shrugging: This is 5$ a foot and will definitely work for you.

Anything with a deeper vac the Swagelok 10$ a foot stuff really is ‘the right tool for the job’ - We hook this to the Welch 2052 pump

PM me and I will hook you up with a sweet discount for your 15 feet.

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I have been on this hunt for a while. There’s a few points I need to make here.

  1. Tubing quality, size, material, etc will all depend on a) your vacuum levels required b)your materials going through the hose
  2. Flexible tubing is for the most part porous and the deeper the vacuum the more you’ll need thicker walls.
  3. Get flexible tubing that is a little smaller than the barb size so 3/8" barb would need 5/16" ID tubing

If you need higher vacuum levels (≤50micron), then you’ll need very thick wall tubing. I would recommend either rubber or metal and really nothing else and keep your lines short. PVC and vinly type materials are porous and will break down when exposed to terpenes, acetone, hydrocarbons etc. Rubber is pretty resilient but flexible, so you’ll just need some thick wall tubing. It’s been used in labs for a long time.
5/16" ID tubing you’ll need 1/4" wall
3/8" tubing will need 5/16" wall
1/2" tubing will need 3/8" wall