budget friendly hot condenser?


I’ve been very curious to try @BreakingDabs hot condenser tek. My current chiller can only hit 100*c. Anyone have a budget friendly option that can achieve proper condenser temps? Possibly older second hand equipment that’s usually available?


just wrap the condenser in stove rope and the heat from the run will bring it up to temp. Its way harder to dial in the haze line and you can only control it with mantle temp so it takes longer to adjust but its a ghetto way to get the job done.


I’m awaiting an alcatel 2021i in the mail. I’ve never been able to even see a haze line using a welch 1400b. I always insulate with fiberglass rope and tin foil. I like the theory of sending all the crap to the cold trap but cannot seem to achieve with current limitations.


Make sure your lines can take the heat. Mine start to get sketchy at 85c.

x2 on the tin foil or rope on the head.


I totally forgot about this. I so want to try it


I’d prefer a recirculating heater, if anyone knows of a reasonable one. I’m down to try the heat gun, but I feel it’s super uncontrollable.


Empty your condenser, zero water, do the run and blast temps fast. I call it “no fucks given speed” when you hit mains temps let it run for a bit and heat up the condenser area, youll start spraying heads, spin down the flask for mains… youll have to attenuate the bf temp to keep mains in the right flask and that will be your max speed. That was my first try at the process…

Wide bore shotgun condensing style of course.


Viton tubing from xtractor depot


viton tubing FTW


Deep fat fryer, crack open, bypass all electronics (I’m a stickler for consistent temps) wire to inkbird temperature controller. Fill fryer with avacado oil. Get a Bosch auxiliary water pump for moving oil. Use fuel or coolant lines from Auto parts store. Under 200 bucks for all.


My new pump is coming from MA… will have it on monday. Also awaiting some kf25 parts. I have some rough 1st pass that’s going in the 500ml rig… kinda scared to have that much vac on the mini setup! Thanks for the input its always appreciated!

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