Budget Capsule Filling Tek

Hello guys, I am looking for a method to fill capsules that will allow me to fill 500+ capsules an hour. I am currently using this https://www.qcsupply.com/primatech-halfcc-autofill-syringe-premium.html and plastic capsule machines. If anyone can recommend an alternative under $1,000 so I don’t have to keep filling empty capsules into holes by hand it would be amazing. Using a tincture thickened with 5% beeswax added to fill.


Build a jig and buy one @qma fillers. I bet you could fill 5k+ in an hour.


Have you seen the semi auto Capsule filling things?

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What is a jig? Building is not my forte, but maybe I could hire out? The qma filler looks nice, but what I have now is autofill, would his syringe be as efficient?

I have not, but this is definitely a contender. I just got a standard 200 hole filler machine. But manually placing each cap is highly tedious. This could be a good move, perhaps with the @qma syringe. Thank you.

New question on an old thread:

Anyone use one of these style capsule fillers for dry load capsules? We’re using the standard press board style you’d see at a pharmacy but our runs are getting bigger and 200 at a time is getting old quick. Appreciate any feedback: