Büchner funnel help


Will a coffee filter work to filter my winterized crude to catch fats lipids or do I wanna use a 25 micron filter?whats the best vacuum set up to use for filtration?

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U definitely need fast and I would suggest slow papers to winterize w just papers. 2x Fast pass, slow pass

Gotta stay cold for everything to help

Water assist vac aspirator usually good in pinch


Where do I purchase filter papers from?


I get my stuff at eBay, but if your anal and wanna pay more extraction companies


You can get them on amazon


Your saying 3 passes total 2 fast and 1 slow

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Coffee filters, as I understand them to be, are 20um. If you double them up, you have about 10um on the cheap.

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You sure it works like that?

Seems like you would just have several 20um coffee filters then. It’s not gonna get finer is it?


Maybe if we put 19 we will have a 1um filter. :thinking:


Yeah so that is 100% not accurate. A coffee filter when loaded/caked will give you a nominal rating of around 20microns at most. This means the filter can capture a given percentage of particles at the stated size. This is very different from an absolute rating which is the rating of the smallest partial size filter is capable of filtering. You can’t just put 2 filters on top of each other and magically reduce the nominal or absolute rating. That makes no sense. It dose not work like that. The only way to reduce your micron rating is to buy filter with smaller holes.



Starter pack right there.


@BG305, :rofl:. And @Jay-TL, you are absolutely right. I had some misinformation I had been running on, as it had been pressed on me by my former supervisor. Thinking about it now, it seems kind of funny. Oops. @StoneD, you are right. The only thing it does is make a blowout less likely.

Still looking for that damn foot in mouth emoji…


It’s all good man the amount of misinformation running around hear is crazy. I’ve for sure had the taste of foot in my mouth many times :laughing: much respect for being humble in your misunderstanding and not taking offense to my unnecessarily dickish response (sorry didn’t realize till after posting it) We need more people like you on here too many soft skinned ego maniacs on here.


Damn the flask and the funnel are close to 500 at my local extraction shop


cannabis tax…


Ebay or Amazon. If you really want to save go Alibaba or DHgate.

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@Jay-TL, thank you. We are all here to learn and share. If information is incorrect, it should be called out (as nicely as possible haha). We are the empirical validators of each other’s information. We learn more from our mistakes (and hopefully the mistakes of others too) than we do from our successes. Glad my mistake was here to help others (and myself) learn.

Edit: fat thumbs made me spell poorly again.