Buchner Filtration Unit DiY (help needed)

Okay so I gave a member the idea to use stainless parts to make a bunchner funnel system. How would you guys simplify this to be smaller but still as effective.

It must hold 6 gallons of ethanol. 6×6 holds a gallon.

6"×6" Hemispherical Lid With Sight glasses

6"×36" sleeved/dry ice column

6" buna-n triclamp 150 mesh screen gasket

6" triclamp to 1" triclamp conical reducer

1"buna-n triclamp 150 mesh screen

1"×2" spool

1" buna-n triclamp 5 micron screen gasket

1"×2" spool

1" buna-n triclamp 3 micron screen gasket

1"×2" spool

1" buna-n triclamp 1 micron screen gasket

1" triclamp shutoff.

1"×12" triclamp spool

6"×6" hemispherical lid with sight glasses

6"×36" base

6×36 should hold 6 gallons.

In that order

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I’m actually building a vacuum systematic column for another member in a consultation if you’d like dm we can work something out. I can more than likely exceed the need.

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I’ve spent the last week or so trying to build and price out a very similar setup as well. I also planned to do gaskets instead of a disk/filter plate, but worried that removing and thoroughly cleaning the gasket would take longer than simply swapping out a filter paper. Any reason you chose a micron gasket over a filter plate?

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It looks like 6 gal of h20 will occupy 1386 cubic inches.
A regular 12x12 sanitary spool will hold 1357.17 cubic inches of h20, that comes close, but dosen’t allow for any headspace to account for foaming or any whoops factor.It looks like a 12x15 spool would be ideal for your receiver with 1696.4 cubic inches.
One thing not to forget is the +14.7 psi atmosphere we live in, a large diameter filter plate will need to be built strong.