Buchi Error Codes

Has anyone ran into error codes on their Buchi R-300?

right now the code is 181

the vac number will not fall once engaged, yet there is vac to the system?

It is weird that the R-300 manual does not refer to error codes like their R-220 units or the older 1-5L units. The vacuum line path is a little different from my experience with their 20L systems. It could be improperly plumbed vacuum circuit, a bad vacuum controller (or unseated), a janky communication cable from the vacuum controller to main body, etc. If it was a dying pump or open stop cock you would at least see a fluttering of pressure changes. If you activate vacuum and nothing happens it is typically communication lines or controllers. Sometimes you get a bad cable (rarely).

Is this a new unit? A “new” used unit purchased? Are you new to this unit? Have you reached out to your rep or sales engineer for clarification?