Bubble magic tumbler . Tumbling time

So i have a bubble magic kief tumbler.
Videos ive seen say to leave it for like 15 20 min.
I dont get anything at all. Using the dry ice method works fine. But i dont want to use the dry ice. I shouldn’t have to. How long do people really leave it for without dry ice. And get good stuff. Anyone have any ideas. Is my matter not dry enough?
Please help

Dry ice is making it easier to break off the trichromes. You will probably need to run it for much longer without dry ice to make hash

Instantly fall off with dry ice. Maybe material isn’t dry enough.
Ive left it running fir an hour and zilch

Tried setting it on fire? If you can’t burn a joint it’s clearly too wet still…

Care to share pictures of your input?

Maybe you want to weigh your material at harvest next time, so you actually have data (know how much water you’ve lost).

Have you considered that you have a testable hypothesis?

Try testing it…

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Oh,it burns fine in a j. Unfortunately the pics i do have with a yeild was using dry ice…but that crap has tons of chlorophyll, used it for rso…no pics of the other as i didnt get even a .5 gram…

I guess there is no over drying of material here. To a degree.

I want to give it another go… cant believe a double loop run is way simpler for me

I asked for pictures of the INPUT.

You say you can’t knock trichomes off without dry ice.

So why would I want pictures of the input?!? (To see if you even have any {###^<~^*~<^^??*€?ing trichomes maybe?)

…and then threw the “spent” cannabis away?!?

Without looking at it microscopically to see how you’d done?!?

Did you actually look at it close enough to see what you had separated? Or just conclude it was green? Did you get pictures at an appropriate magnification?

Without data, there can be no helping…

Check out the 1k word substitutes over here: Static Tek is now Automated - Solventless Clean Hash

…and consider how much easier it would be for folks to assist you if you had similar documentation

Edit: I believe it was @Photon_noir that gifted me one of these critters…. https://smartmicrooptics.com/blips/ there are certainly other options. I suspect this is the least expensive….


Or you can always go the science fair route and skip the 5-6 figure price tag



Wasn’t suggesting they needed automagic trichome capture via electrickery.

Simply that @Nodata look at the pictures there and get a ‘scope so they could actually see what they were doing.

No point in using static to separate if they don’t have trichomes…

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I too enjoy brushing bald scalp with a nice hairbrush

Also those bubblemagic keef tumblers are a pain in the fucking ass - be sure to take a very very very close look at your actual tumbler tube and see if your surface area in there is clogged or not, that happens very frequently if you’re not doing this all in a nice cold room. Not like cold room-cold but below your usual room temp cold. If you tumble really nice stuff that’s super fresh you could be dealing with melted trichs that are impeding your progress and sort of pushing your sugar back into the plant material where it will sort of vulcan mind meld with the nug again. Those machines give a small amount of friction based heat which can mess up nice stuff and make it a real pain in the neck since all of your moving parts are essentially in a closed box where the heat can and will build up

Also do you know what micron you’re using for your tumbler? For dry sift you’re not gonna wanna duck under 120 - do your bulk ‘dirty’ collection first and then pop it into smaller screens to do a more fine filtration. Hell, take the screened window frame out of the nearest window and throw your nug on there then give it a good shake to give yourself a nice test to see if your bottleneck is the tumbler or the material


This seems to be the issue. I use 120 and a 90…

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Ezpz, you got this buddy. You can even re-screen those yourself with lengths of micron screen. Hell, if you wanted to get fancy you could even buy bulk stainless steel mesh and do it yourself. Just peel off the black edges on the sides of the tumbler cylinder and you’ll see where they stapled the mesh onto the edges, do the same thing and then glue or staple the edges back on. Now you don’t have to pay the 200+ they charge for a whole new setup.

Also the tension rods on those things are just such an unholy pain in the ass it isn’t funny - if they loosen up and create slack in the tumbler itself it all goops up very quickly and sort of shrinks the holes too.

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Wishful thinking?

Or do you have observations that actually fit?

Can you list them? Do you have pictures?

I suggest a data driven approach…

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1 screen has been used once and the finer hasnt even been used. No clogs for sure

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