Brita filters

Has anyone used Brita filters on ethanol extract for color remediation? I’m tired of making patties and was wondering if it’s worth a shot. This is just to remove chlorophyll and lighten up the color.

The flow rate of one of those filters are about 240ml every 40 seconds so I was going to rig a bunch of them in parallel.

You can use house hold inline water filters, there pretty cheap and easy to adapt.

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Only use a neutral hardwood based charcoal.

Most other carbons actually remove flavor/terpenes more than color.

I’m not sure about the Brita blend, but I’d imagine it’s likely flavor oriented.

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Google insists on only showing me consumer level apothecary products, could you link a vendor for the type of charcoal you recommend? Thank you.

We offer color and odor remediation products in the form of lenticular modules/ filtration. Please contact for information and pricing and availability. Cheers

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Carbon chemistry also has the stuff you’re looking for