Bright Orange CO2 Sugar wax

Recently came across some bright orange sugar wax that had almost a crstalized honey texture to it, but stable enough to touch although it’d leave an orange residue.

Smells nice, almost like an apricot skunk nose(if that makes any sense). When heated, it turns to a nice gold and passes the taste and high test.

Will try to post pictures. It’s not like it’s something I’ve never seen before, but the orange color is pronounced.

Was just wondering if there was anything specific to the CO2 extraction that would cause a bright orange sugar wax? And is it bad?


Thc or cbd?

Cbd distillate (over 65% iirc) will solidify/crumble texture when cook, then back to distillate form once heated.

I have extracted some vibrant orange extracts utilizing Supercritical CO2 and I suspect it to be B-Carotene in certain chemovars.


It’s a plant pigment called beta-Carotene. The others are Lutein, Chlorophyll-a, Xanthophyll etc, Lutein is the electric yellow most people associate with propane, Chlorophyll-a is the green. Xanthophyll is yellow or brown.


THC. It will clump together when heated gently or pressed, but will also fall apart fairly easy

I freaking love that b-carotene color lol. I always get it a separate fraction running DCVC and it’s like lambo orange. FYI b-carotene is much more soluble in SCO2 above 7ksi. What kind of pressure are you running?

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