Bridging medical gap opportunity

Last Friday the pain I thought to be gall bladder got so bad I went to the ER. I had waited weeks on a VA appointment for a scan but no appointment came.

Once inside the ER within minutes they were rushing around and setting up all sorts of scans and stuff whereas the VA doc said it was nothing to worry about and he would just schedule one for later. Free VA care comes at a price… The ER within hours had a preliminary diagnosis of liver cancer and this was confirmed as being the cause of body wide discomfort (to say the least! lol).

Did you know that a serious liver problem will feel like a charlie horse from hell that just knots up under the right shoulder blade? It manifests also as a feeling of a disk always about to slip. Very wierd stuff. Taken humorously you KNOW something aint right when they not only issue a pain prescription for the most potent opiate there is but also prescribe more than the recomended dose and then urge you to take extra as needed - just call in and let them know so they can adjust! Wow! Have you ever heard of telling a patient to name their dose? I thought, … hmmmm… this ain’t good… :flushed:

Today I will meet the man who will be my oncologist. His job really is just to explain choices like any other doctor BUT the treatment facility is termed a Cancer research center as well as treatment center. My opportunity here has never been better to speak to a crowd who have actively lobbied for marijuanna laws for cancer patients. I fully intend to be armed with evidence that I can legally obtain what the doctors cannot - D9 THC isolate outside of pill form. There has never been a dark cloud in my life without something silver.

They have invited me to consider participating in research as they do many I am sure and theynhave their own constraints which I do not. The doc will be skeptical because the plausibility of a dumb Marine understanding seperations enough to isolate such a thing is pretty low. However perhaps I can put my genius gone terribly wrong into use and present something tangible to look at, touch, and discuss as a possible option. They will pander to me and validate and such but without a doubt as a flight instructor who taught many doctors to fly (or tried - many flight instructors will not take Phd types as students because they are notorious for not accepting instruction. I took them lolz) I have some insight as to what does grab their attention.

More exciting is the building is of course full of open minded patients eager to find relief. The opportunity to gather more dosing data is extraordinary and the potential pool of willing fellows to do this with me doing it too (medicine man smoke good stuff too!) alongside has now blossomed into a huge pool of folks for me. Many will have already tried CBD and all the others but there are likely scant few who have access to high purity sans terpenes and such.

First though this Saturday I plan to conduct a vaporizor hit study at my home with an up and coming star in the industry… research is everything right? :wink: I have a lab to do tonight testing my theory of methanol as an agent to remove chlorophyl before boiling. From crude to vapable water clear I can now produce the stuff if tested in just a few hours really assuming things are ready. It has to be able to be produced rapidly and with the ease of running a blender in my opinion for my vision. My vision is point of delivery final refinement and home refinement made simple.

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. I did not know why I was so driven to learn to refine medicine but I am prepared for this opportunity. I am a lucky man. :sunglasses: Be well all and always be kind.


Hey, @Beaker if there is anything you need dm me.


Keeping you in my thoughts man!


Sorry to hear about this diagnosis. Saying a prayer for you! I like your mindset about this terrible situation and really wish you all and I meant all the success in bridging this gap as so many can benefit from it.