Brass and Ethanol Compatibility

Purchased a dual top Fast Filter. We are finding high levels of lead in our crude post filtration. No lead detected out of our CO2 extractor before it goes into the filter during winterization. All fittings are made of brass that come in to contact with ethanol and crude while being vacuumed. A blackish/green liquid kept appearing in our lines. Had that tested and it came back at 104,000ppb of lead. The company is refusing to consider that the lead is being introduced by their machine. They say none of their other customers have complained about lead issues. Does anyone on here have any knowledge of the compatibility of brass and ethanol? My research tells me no. Every MSDS tells me no. Any first hand knowledge from anyone?

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Pictures? Link?
Who are these clowns?

I would replace the brass with SS and replace the lines.


I don’t think it’s the ethanol that causes that nasty blackish/greenish liquid to happen when it comes in contact with brass, especially not if you consider how much alcohol distillation happens around copper for the liquor industry, but I suspect its the terpenes or some other ingredient that the ethanol picks up when cannabis steeps in ethanol is what is actually causing a chemical reaction and probably corrosion of the brass fitting.

I would see if you can get one of the fittings tested for lead and shove it in the manufacturers face, the safe range for lead in food as per the FDA is 50 PPB and in water it’s 5 PPB and you’re way above those levels in a product that is in all likelihood destined for human consumption

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I reckon it’s the liquor…

Certain materials commonly used with gasoline may be incompatible with high-level ethanol blends, causing them to degrade and contaminate the fuel. Metals that have been shown to degrade over time in the presence of high-level alcohol blends include brass, lead, zinc and lead-based solder. Nonmetallic materials that degrade when in contact with ethanol include natural rubber, polyurethane, cork gasket material, leather, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) polyamides, and certain thermoplastic or thermoset polymers.

although those terpenes are known to be damn vicious too.


You’re talking about $100 in fittings and hoses. Replace the whole lot with food grade components. Video record the disassembly. See if you still have the issue.

Is the collection pot a coated or polished stainless steel? Connections welded or soldered?


Some scandalous manufacturers will make their products from lead and clad it in alloys and sell it as stainless. Not common but it does happen.


Pick up some T-5 Bentonite if you don’t already have some and pass the contaminated solution through a filter packed with T-5, should remove the heavy metals.

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Anytime a business says

“None of our other customers complain about this”

Consider that a huge red flag


Infinity Supercritical. They make the “Fast Filter.” We recently pulled all fittings off and did a lead test on the one that came in the most contact with the crude/ethanol mix. It tested positive for lead. We have replaced all fittings with SS and replaced the lines. They are denying any responsibility at all and have ensured us they’ve been “proactive” and contacted all of the rest of their customers and none have reported any issues. Riiiggghhhtttt. I have 5 passing heavy metal tests before filtration and 5 failing heaving metal tests after filtration. It’s crazy. They also advertise that their Fast Filter removes nearly all traces of THC out of the crude during the winterization filtration process. When I questioned that and explained that the THC would actually increase in concentration during/after filtration, they simply said, “that may be your result, but other customers had different outcomes.” Ok then…Oh btw, the Fast Filter isn’t for sale on their website anymore. Can’t find it ANYWHERE

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Out of curiosity, how close were the passing and non-passing tests to the Non-detect / MDL and the acceptance threshold?

Simply put, did winterization increase the heavy metals concentration to put it over the top? Or have you ruled that out?

Another red flag.

Nope cause all my fittings are stainless steel(=

ND pre-filtration, significant fails post filtration.

Thanks for the buyer beware.