Brand New Chemtech KD10 For Sale $275k

Item Model/Manufacturer: Chemtech Services
Description: Dual Stage KD10 Brand New 2023 model
Price/MSRP: $275,000
Current location of item: Oklahoma
Estimated lead time: 0 Days
Fulfillment: Shipped directly from seller

Brand new dual stage KD10 for sale. This unit is the 2023 model and has not been ran. $275k OBO

I also have ethanol centrifuges, falling films and other wiper for sale.

Reach out to David (539) 777-7997.

Chemtech KD10 Two Stage Spec Sheet.pdf (832.9 KB)

dang, kind of heartbreaking that someone bought this and isn’t putting it into service.

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They are also very unlilely to see this thing go for anything close to what they are asking.


ya prolly better off putting it up for auction with a base price of like $80-100k. Expensive mistakes are expensive.