Brand New Bizzy Bee Silver Serpent Falling Film Evaporator for Sale

Brand New Bizzy Bee Silver Serpent Falling Film Evaporator for Sale. Put together but never used. Includes all hosing and cables but not heaters/chillers/pumps. Located in San Diego. Feel free to contact me with any questions.


Will this also bho the hydrocarbons the kids like to use?

Can use for any solvent recovery


BZB states that: “This falling film is 3rd Party Engineer Peer Reviewed, approved for both ethanol and heptane.”
Yeah, I can’t find anything outside of that stating that you can use it for any solvent. I’m sure you can, but that’s what the ole website has to say.

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Price ?

Cost $75k brand new. It has never been used but has been put together. I am accepting offers

Out of curiosity why don’t you guys plan on using this falling film? How long have you had this unit for?

Do you have any pictures other than the stock photo?

100% not trolling I just wanna know why this person is selling this falling film and what the actual condition of the unit is.

People can say brand new put together all they want but when you’re putting up a stock photo instead of the item you’re trying to sell…


Here here


Bought it for a project that fell apart. It has been stored at a house that I no longer have and is now in storage. If you are interested, you can message me and I can go take pictures for you

I had photos on my old phone that broke and never got them off. But can easily go take them for you. It’s guaranteed 100% brand new and never used

can you take them for the forum so that everyone can see it and not just me? you’re more likely to get a buyer too.

I’m not interested in purchasing but I want to know what it looks like other than the stock photo.

Will try to get done tomorrow. If not will have by Saturday

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My buddy apparently loaded up my storage unit and I didn’t have time to move everything out it in Order to take better pictures. But this shows unused machine. The rest of cables/parts are in a bin under a bunch of the crap in that storage unit. But I can assure you everything is there

what’s a ballpark figure?

About 50k

But am accepting offers as well

I work for a large green company in OK. If they didn’t spend $300k recently, I would tell them to purchase this… I know they need the upgrade from their rotovaps… would you do a contract owner financing with them? Based in Guthrie OK

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I’m interested in this. I need something for ethanol and this would fit my needs. Let me know if it’s still available.

Hey. Yes it is still avaioble.

I also have one of his is not available