Brand new 50 liter Rotovap and 50/30 chiller for sale

Item Model/Manufacturer:
Description:50 liter Rotovap with DLSB Chiller 50/30,
Price/MSRP: $7500 obo local pick up
Current location of item: Upland Ca
Estimated lead time: 1 Day
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
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Brand new 50 liter rotovap with Dlsb 50/30 still in the crate.

I can throw in a water aprirator that is slightly used for free.

I also have a slightly used 50 liter roto with chiller and water aprirator for sale. It has less then 50 hours of operating time. 5500 obo



Picture of used rotovap, chiller and water aspirator which is the exact model of the crated brand new rotovap and chiller.

Used rotovap has been sold.
100 liter double jacked reactor brand new in the crate still available. Make offer

How much for the 100 liter reactor? You have pictures?

Hello, you can call me at +19092962844

I’d like $4500 obo