Brand new 4 TON rosin press US stock $199!

Description: 4 Ton rosin press
Pick-up Price: $199 :boom:
Current location of item: New York / LA

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Welcome to order!

Stock units & fast shipping

Contact me by

Stock units in CA & NY.
DM me to get it!

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A demo video might convince me. I’m convinced by the price but I want to know how well it works.


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DM you, pls check

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If the sale happens again in three months then I might grab one. I need to take some time to learn more about rosin before I jump into another press. I had a Dulytek press that I gave away to my girls brother because it was collecting dust.

I really want to get into rosin but I also don’t want to regret my purchase by buying one too soon :octopus:

it’s OK, when you want to purchase, please contact me

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Is this price a forever price? because that would be sick if this was always 200$

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only for stock units promotion

Keep it at 200$ and it’ll be worth it and competitive. Otherwise people are better off going with a Dulytek 5 ton for the extra 180$

The one I gave away because it was collecting dust:

So if you were to keep it at 200$ you would have a press people would want to buy at a constant.

thanks for you suggestion, we will take into consideration

whats ballpark shipping cost ?

send you message, please care to check

was just a general question
i do not need 1 at this time.
sorry for the confusion.

I’m not sure you could even DIY a press this cheap…

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You can’t.

Most of them are two ton.

The plates and digital controller setup alone for a DIY build can go up to 200$ depending on your source.

Then you gotta make an actual frame that can withstand pressure and force

You gotta get a hydraulic lift for the plates and you gotta rig the top plate to stay even the whole time.

I never made a press. I was going to but I gave away the plates because I realized I fucked up and could’ve gotten a press for cheaper.

The dude who I gave them to though said they worked great and he was making rosin from his home grow.

Yeah, I did my own since I already had a press I could throw it on. If I could go back I would’ve just gotten a dulytek.