BR Instruments Spinning Band 9200 for sale in Portland

Item Model/Manufacturer: BR Instruments 9200

Description: Practically new, seemingly unused 9200. Parts complete, fully functional. Includes all glassware, Polyscience chillers, Edwards vac pump, Dell computer, etc. I acquired this in a bulk equipment auction and have no use for it. Happy to sell to someone who can put this beauty to work.

Price: $30,000 OBO

Current location of item: Portland, OR

Estimated lead time: 5 Days.

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Do you know what mantle(s) it comes with ?

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It comes with the 12L mantle.

Here’s some pics:

The lab looks extremely familiar. Was this from Sweet Cannabis in East Portland (SE Rhine St if I remember correctly)? If so, this was the first distiller I got professional training on.

Nice eye. Yes, this is that space. We are reopening it as Lighthouse Industries in the next few weeks. I’ve replaced the BR with a VTA wiped film; I’m just more of a wiped film guy than pot distillation. Especially in the Oregon market.

Bumping this - trying to clear out space, lowering price to $25k. HMU before I bring it to Heritage Auctions.

Still for sale?