Boxes of Suver Haze available, trimmed, selected

Hi Guys!

We just remembered we have multiple boxes of Suver Haze A’s from last year. Located in the Willamette Valley, local buyers. $150 lb A’s, 75 B’s.

hempflower1 hempflower2


Lmao looks better than some the thc stuff I’ve seen ppl put out around here. Its crazy how good this looks


Can you post coa?

Shipping? Would be willing to purchase a single unit sample.

suvertrimmed.pdf (1.0 MB)

@indycbdplus we’d really prefer to do this locally!

Thank you for your time.

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bad idea to be accepting weed in the mail, may as well get better weed if you are braking the law like that.

What are you talking about? I just asked him to post a coa…


Im just saying that in my state im not about to get 5 percent thc dank ass cbd haze weed in my mail. Cops would treat it as if its some gelato or something If I was local id buy it. Im bad with this interweb thingy, i didnt realize I was responding to your post, I just linked to the coa via your post and responded.

I’d gladly take a pound, or two if you decide to send by mail

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