Botanical Terpene Favorites Thread

Hey all,

What botanical terps do you guys like most and where are they from? I’ll start:

Denver Terps: Maui Wowie, Blueberry Kush
Mass Terpenes: Runtz, Banana Punch, OG Kush

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Mass terps : Banana punch, Blue Dream, Key lime pie. Both their banana ones are really good honestly. Also Runtz is fire, way better than I expected with the hubba bubba smell. Actually tasted kinda gassy

I don’t do a lot of botanical! Don’t have a lot of testing haha

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My favorite so far is lemon pound cake from mass terpenes.


Advanced Terpene Solutions - blue razz, strawberry lemonade, blueberry cobbler, lemon cheesecake

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How’d ya come across these guys? Have you compared them with others? Never seen before

sour alien from mass terps has been a big seller for me. So has the key lime pie


@anon42519203 is making terms. Sight unsmelled, they are on my list.


gold coast - zkittlez, grape ape
denver - green crack, blueberry kush, sour alien
true - cranberry kush, twisted citrus
mass - lavender melon, blackberry kush
floraplex - berry white
true blue - apple fritter + jack herrer 50/50 for a delicious apple jack
xtra - candyland, ATF but go easy it’s powerful


Honestly a fave of mine too. Actually smoking on one now lol. Sour alien too. A lot off mass terps flavors are big sellers. Still wish people like cannabis derived more :man_facepalming:t2:


@FloraplexTerpenes purely for that sweet 25% GLG discount

I like the fruit cereal og and pretty much any of thier amped up blends

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Most all are excellent choices. BUT, do NOT get their bubblegum. Its retched… my personal favorites are apple Jack’s. Cantaloupe haze, strawberry cough.

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Ordering most of the terps mentiond, gonna see what blends well with some CDT and do some consumer and personal testing

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What % are you mixing these floraplex terps at?

I’m finally going to use some botanicals with some disty to make some budget carts…

10% terps
3-6% for cdt


Extract consultants makes some of the best flavored profiles and strain profiles. I would not use botanicals above 5-6%. You can get better and more unique flavors by combining flavorings with strain based botanicals.

Anyone like any of the “full spectrum” botanical/hemp terpene blends?

I’m looking at Abstrax’s Native Series, Denver Terpenes’ Full Spectrum, Xtra Full Spec, Mass Terpenes Full Spec, etc

I can’t speak to abstrax but the rest of them are pretty hit or miss. denver and xtra some of the full spec ones have a heavy ‘profile’, which you don’t want. I’ve only tried 2 of Mass full spec and didn’t like either (ice cream cake was one). the green crack and bb kush from denver and I believe both the ones I listed from xtra are full spec


When I was running crd CBD carts, I only used abstrax, strawberry shortcake and tropic thunder were my favorites :call_me_hand:

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I agree with the hit or miss nature of the full spec blends. Only full spec I really liked was Mass Terpenes GG#4.

Let us know!!! Nothing like some personal testing :sunglasses: