Blue silica beads

Would it be okay to use blue silica beads in mol sieves? My bosses bought 2, 5 lb buckets of them and I just wanted to get an opinion before using them in a run.

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That shit looks radioactive!!!


Good question, goes for indicator Drierite also.

Still wondering? Lol I’m thinking they cant be used.

I go ahead and tell u…idk about these…
But most these guys don’t even like to run the color changing ones bc the stuff added to change color…I wouldn’t use unless one these pros tell you otherwise

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I dont use color indicating beads, It is a possible source of unwanted crap depending on how they are used. Another thing about mol seive beads is the dust, you need very fine filtration in your filterdryer to prevent seive dust from getting into your extract/pumps.

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