Blending & Repackaging Services

I want to share information about the blending and repackaging services Mays Chemical offers. I believe our ingredient blending facility can help companies scale up as well as improve manufacturing efficiencies through batch size blending and packaging.

Mays Chemical Company has been an ingredient and chemical sourcing and distribution company for 40+ years, specializing in ingredients for pharmaceutical, personal care/cosmetics, food, snack, candy and beverages. Our company took the next step in building a flexible production suite blend and repacking facility. This facility meets FDA, NACD, GFSI’s SQF Food Safety and Quality Code standards for both dry and liquid ingredient handling, repackaging and blending. We have the capability to blend dry & dry, dry & wet, wet & wet and convert dry to liquid concentrations and we are willing to work with hemp derived cannabinoids.


  • Indoor tank farm housing 3 – 7,000 gallon stainless-steel heated tanks capable of holding USP & food grade liquid ingredients
  • Production equipment: stainless-steel spiral/auger fillers w/ hoppers, valve bag filling equipment, from, fill and seal machine, vibratory sifters/separators, supersack loading/unloading equipment, metal detection equipment and certified scales/balances
  • 150 gallon – 5,000 gallon stainless steel vessels for liquid blending
  • Tri-blender capabilities for mixing dry & liquid ingredients
  • Heat Exchanger recirculation system for processes requiring heated mixing
  • Bottling capabilities range from 500 ml – 4 liter
  • Able to package pails, drums, totes, sachets, bags (multiple sizes and types), supersacks
  • In house laboratory with FT-IR, GC, HPLC, Laser Particle Analyzer & microscopy equipment
    • Microbial testing is available
  • In house produced USP/EP Water for dilution

Give us a call to learn more! - Marshall Williams: 317-430-4886 / 317-842-8722

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This is a really stellar service. Pre-Measured, premium ingredients that are consistent and reliable make production easier on so many levels. Love it!


Yes, good people behind this.