Bleaching earth gone awry?

Hey guys,
I am very stumped. I was doing a series of washes on some dark bho suspended in etoh.
First I dewaxed 2 times through a 2.5 micron whatmans filter.
Then I did an AC wash and filtered through 1/4" of DE which resulted in a beautiful golden/orange beaker full of deliciousness.
However, I was greedy and wanted to try out this new bleaching earth I just got, so I mixed in several scoops and brought it to a boil and mixed for about 25 minutes, then waited for it to cool down a bit before pouring over another DE cake. (It was still pretty warm when I poured it if this is important)
The resulting oil was this weird dark red color. Wayyyyyyy darker than it was going in.
I then freaked out and did another AC wash, still dark.
Running it back through the DE multiple times? still dark.

What happened here? Is it a filtration issue? Is there some reaction between AC and the clay? Where did the dark color come from? I have used the bleaching earth once before and it didn’t seem to do this. Is there any way to get it back to the beautiful gold that I know it can be because I saw it with my own eyeballs.

I don’t have distillation equipment, so all I can do is filter it more.
Anyway, any insight or advice would be more than appreciated.


Wizard spells. I suggest checking your ph

I took some precautions against wizardry but those bastards are sneaky.
I don’t know much about ph balancing, I’ll have to do some reading on that!
Thanks for the tip!

What was your AC scrub procedure?

Threw the beaker on the hot plate at like 85 degrees and then poured the A/C in and let it mix for like 30 min before filtering through celite

Pure oil, or the etoh solution? What was the AC:Oil ratio? Likewise you bleached using an ethanol solution? I have seen spontaneous darkening when treating highly refined oils with ethanol consistent with what you’ve described.

Not certain, because I’ve not actually played the charcoal game but once.

It took more cannabinoids than I wanted, so I found other ways of getting the pretty blondes the boss was so enamoured with :wink:

Chances are I used the wrong grade & too much. Having In House analytics made that mistake glaringly obvious. They will also guide me if/when that trick needs added to my arsenal.

Back to your darkened oil. Seems to me that 25min at 78C (boiling point of ethanol) might have partially decarbed and significantly darkened your oil…but that doesn’t seem like a perfect fit…

If you’ve tried the same ratio of crude to your “new bleaching clay”, and boiled it for 25min without darkening, then it might well be a pH dependant (residual acid in your AC) interaction between the clay and your crude. Red is usually a sign of oxidation, especially when pretty blondes are involved. :wink: