Blasting ff no dewax no n2 and a hotloop

Would you run ff with no dewax column and no n2 (using a trs21 hot loop, the hottest exhausting pump available)
Someone on ig is saying he doesnt need any of that and isnt pulling fats. Lol :ok_hand:
Look at any of his pics and its clealry like 15-20% fats lol. Look at his “terps seperating” lmfao. Sick sauce bro


Definitely fatty.

When the fats and waxes are gone the thca turns super clear. And the terps will get really mobile at room temp

You can get a fire product none the less though

U dont have to have all that fancy stuff. Moving butane is cold. But for cleaner product the colder the better

I prefreeze on dry ice and load fast and blast fast(noncrc) …crc I’m gonna want jacket also


This started on a post on xd ig about crc flow.
This dude said i don’t need n2 with my 3 powder mix.
So its for sure been crcd, warm.
I asked if he liked smoking fats and he started acting like a know it all talking shit lol
No doubt you can get a fire product still. Fire in fire out. I used to get fire back in my open blast days so no doubt there. But i doubt its fire. Im assuming hes trying to fool custys. You dont have to have the right equipment but you do if you want to do it right.


Nice rosin fam


With hydrocarbons that wax is still soluble at cold temps.There really isn’t a way around that. Try winterizing a cold vs room temp extraction and weigh the amount of waxes collected, you might be surprised.

The waxes should not be a part of the crystalline lattice, they would be in the mother liquor.
unless they are an inclusion.
check this out, it is an oldy but a goodie!

If you solvent washed the traces of the mother liquor off those crystals they would look clear


Then explain to me what’s happening there good sir

Use a jacket column vs one without and compare the stones. The stones are much more clear with jacket. What’s happening then I gotta know so I dont feed misinformation. Inclusions?


Did you wash both examples with solvent to reveal the cleaned surface? Warm extractions can pick up water soluble components, trim that is “dry” can be 40 rh or so.Cold solvent will freeze these compounds, warm solvent can push them through . This can contribute to darker colors in a an extract. If you were to make crystals with this resin you should be able to solvent wash the outsides of the crystals to remove that layer. The tek with the centrifuge is pretty good, try spinning the nasty mother liquor off some crystals, then redissolve in butane and recrystallize again for larger crystals.
If you do in fact have defects in your crystals it would not be dependent on the way it was extracted, rather the conditions of the recrystallization. Check out this paper on defects in crystals, it is a nice read.
Defects in Crystals

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I think I seen @dredpirate or @bg305 someone else noticed what I’ve noticed

The colder the run the clear the stones. Idk they get cloudy with slightylwarmer run.
And i just mean the difference in non jacket vs jacket and all at dry ice temps. Something that jacket does.

If i blast cold enough and fast enough I can achieve the same clarity burr usually just a jacket column for most clarity idk what’s its losing but its losing something


Do you follow diamond alchemy?

That dude is tasters choice extractors. He has so many problems. He tried calling bizzybee China supplier to order his exact parts. Good luck on that, they called bizzy and told him who was trying to order his parts. He claims to be “autistic”, but it’s just a opiate problem.


@Dred_pirate I disagree. Not with what you’ve said about him, but him being diamond alchemy. In the past I’ve seen his small warehouse where he worked on closed loops for customers and I’ve seen him only consume cannabis.

Tasters choice is this account presently.

I wasn’t implying that.

He borderline stalks diamond alchemy. He’s a buddy of mine. Diamond was posting for a few days about that whacko pestering him


Undoubtedly had issues in my time knowing him.

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Dude is weird af.

And weird is relative.