Blast now whip later?

Hey everyone, almost ready to dump product out of my collection. Is there a decent protcall for if I wanted to blast tonight, but whip tomorrow night? I’m thinking of just throwing it my vac oven with no vac @90 degrees, then do the hot plate and whipping tek tomorrow night

80-85f. Too warm and it’ll sugar quickly. And depending on how thick you poured it and how much you agitate it


Thanks man, considering I have about 20min left till pour, you’re a life saver lol should I agitate at all tonight? Maybe put it in the oven with some sort of cover or ptfe wrap?

The least amount of agitation until you plan to whip it
You can cause it to sugar early with too much agitation


With whipping he’ll need sugar for a good batter to form up. An overnight sit in the oven at 95-115 depending on recovery temps and desired wetness can make the next morning of whipping go pretty quick.

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This is how it looked this morning in the oven at 80. Color’s alright for dry trim, but yield is pretty shit :confused: lookin at ~3%. Ran 4:1 solvent ratio at ~-30 degrees, no soak. Wasn’t expecting great results, but this is a bit disappointing

Solvent ratio is on the low side deffenatly if your aim is the highest yield possible


Do atleast 6:1
Preferably 10-1