Biomass Conversion

If you haven’t heard it from @Future yet, Carbon Chemistry is involved in more than just cannabinoid processing chemicals. This post is to put one of our more exciting offerings for the hemp industry on display:

Enzyme supply chain for preparing cellulose fiber.

In particular, we have supply capability for Xylanase, Pectinase, Phospholipase, Cellulase, and Lignase.

I am particularly interested in working with hemp operators interested in generating composite materials and trying out the new ‘super wood’ technique (removing lignin and then pressing fiber under heat) to create a biomass based steel analog.


Are you going to that hemp conference in Loveland this weekend? If you are, bring some of this, I think we can get some into the right people’s hands


The NoCo Hemp thing snuck up on me. I’m gonna be down south.

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How far south? We should chat. Hit me up tomorrow.

Check out Sunstrand

Trey and I participated in the Village Capital agricultural accelerator, I can make an intro if you’re interested at all. Feel free to reach out @

Trey specializes in Hemp, Kenaf, Flax, and Bamboo. I think he’d be really interested in what you guys are doing. He’ll be speaking at the hemp conference @Future mentioned, I’m planning on attending as well. Too bad you can’t make it, I’d love to chat more in person.

I’m excited for these industrial applications of hemp and it’s potential to truly transform global sustainability. Large scale farms need another crop to add to the rotation; these types of applications are going to be what drives large scale adoption, and it’s needed bad. Thanks for sharing your project


Wow, not sure how I skipped over this post.

Truly exciting things in the works as far as materials production goes! I’m all on board that gravy train. I’ve got contact with a couple farms processing hemp for insulation and paper products. I’ll bring it up and see what interest it sparks from them. I’d be happy to put you in contact; let me just reach them first, and I will follow with a private message your way.

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I’m ready to talk to them if they seem interested. Greatly appreciate the networking op.

Super interested to see where this goes. I have been looking around for hemp textile manufacturing in America … womp womp coming up with nothing, almost no surprise since we let overseas make all our clothing anyways. Hopefully just snafu with my google skillz.

Would love to see future4200 hemp based swag produced in the USA, even if its Rayon.
I have no doubt the collective minds here can come up with the biomass XD, just need someone to fire up the facilities.


You nailed the main issue: facilities.

A shared production facility would be the business, and solvent/enzymes/equipment sourcing would be no problem with our combined skill sets.

My fiber focus is a hard right turn as my aim is to replace military composite with sustainable materials. When I was an F/A-18 technician I watched a jet crash into the ground…the surrounding community was inundated with horrible poly fibers for at least 2 days. I’m hoping to find a relationship that ends in producing biodegradable aircraft composite, missile shrouds, bodies, armor, etc. The amount of synthetic shit our military has left in the deserts and oceans is mind blowingly awful.


:grimacing: yikes -

This is a huge idea to wrap my head around, breaking up the shitty military-petroleum complex, we’re getting there. It will become sorely obvious when hemp contracts are being rejected disregarding the advantages and wide public use. 95% of the people I come across have no idea hemp can replace almost everything oomph times over in a sustainable fashion. I can’t say I am looking forward to a hemp missile fire from a hemp jet, but love what you’re doing. Lockheed Martin EcoTek™


I realize this is old but I’m slow on the fiber niche…

Would your enzymes work on bio-mass that has been extracted for cannabinoids? Assuming there’s ample hurd in the mix…?